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Well I ain't often right but I've never been wrong -- It seldom turns out the way it does in the song -- Once in a while you get shown the light -- In the strangest of places if you look at it right

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02-27-69 - Grateful Dead - Fillmore W. - San Francisco, CA
2CDs - All - S:PCM,D,CD - A

Disc 1 Disc 2
1.Schoolgirl (11:43) 1.Dupree's (4:02) >
2.Doin That Rag (8:59) 2.Mountain's (4:40) >
3.Cryptical (1:55) > 3.Jam (1:17) >
4.Drumz (0:11) > 4.Darkstar (21:44) >
5.The Other One (8:32) > 5.St. Stephen (6:30) >
6.Cryptical (9:28) 6.The XI (14:24) >
[Encore] 7.Lovelight (17:56)
7.Cosmic Charlie (6:18)
[Filler: possibly 6/7/69]
8.Green Green Grass (5:26)
9.Dire Wolf (3:00) *digital glitches
10. Dupree's* (4:48)
11.Mountains (5:37) -"Darkstar" & "St. Stephen"
12.Doin That Rag (7:06) appear on "Live/Dead"

Cover Art

I have 10 copies of this gem preburned on Sony CD-Rs. Please email me by 11pm eastern tomorrow (July 4th) to get a shot at this one. If you sign up for B&P please be prepared to send comparable non-generic blanks (i.e. Sony, TDK, Mitsui, HHB, etc...) I will literally pull names out of a hat to pick the participants. I will contact everyone sometime on Thursday to let you know who's in on this one.

I want to thank everyone on GDH-TRADING for spreading this fine music and just for being such a cool bunch of folks. Also, I'd like to thank Blake Ross for seeding this show for me (and all the other fine shows I've acquired through trades with him.)

The Players

I received 14 responses to this offer, but sadly I've only 10 copies. The following folks are soon to be the proud owners of 2/27/69.

Sorry John, Tim, Ed and Randy. This show is still chillin' on my hard drive, so I'll try to burn some extra copies for you guys as soon as I get a chance.

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